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  • Video | Slides January 23, 2020: NOAA’s Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program: A Decade of Research for Deep-Sea ConservationTom Hourigan, NOAA Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program
  • Video | Slides January 23, 2020Restoration activities planned for mesophotic and deep benthic communities - Kris Benson, NOAA Fisheries Office of Habitat Conservation, Restoration Center
  • Video Slides February 6, 2020U.S. West Coast Deep-Sea Coral Initiative: Design and Implementation in Support of Resource Management - Chris Caldow, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
  • Video Slides February 6, 2020Facilitating Conservation and Management of Deep-Sea Corals and Sponge Ecosystems through Partnerships, Education, and Outreach - Lizzie Duncan, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary 
  • Video Slides February 27, 2020: Warm-water anomalies in the mesophotic depth range of the Southern California Bight with implications for gorgonian octocorals - Elizabeth Gugliotti, NOAA NCCOS Deep Coral Ecology Lab 
  • Video part 1 part 2 February 27, 2020: Crumbling reefs: a natural ocean acidification laboratory in the Northeast Pacific - Leslie Wickes, Thrive Blue LLC, Southeast Coastal Ocean Observing Regional Association
  • Video Slides March 5, 2020: A coral of a different color: Genetic insights to the diversity and distribution of gorgonian octocorals in the US Gulf of Mexico Peter Etnoyer, NOAA NCCOS Deep Coral Ecology Lab
  • Video Slides March 5, 2020: Comparative observations of flow intensity around Hawaiian deep-sea corals - Frank Parrish, NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
  • Video | Slides March 19, 2020Characterizing Potential Distributions of Deep-Sea Corals and Sponges Offshore the US West Coast through Spatial Predictive Modeling - Matt Poti, NOAA NCCOS Biogeography Branch
  • Video | Slides March 19, 2020The State of Deep-sea Coral Protection in U.S. Waters - Heather Coleman, NOAA Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program
  • Video part 1part 2Slides April 9, 2020Combining eDNA and traditional surveys to study biodiversity in seamount communities Meredith Everett, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center
  • Video part 1part 2Slides April 9, 2020Revelations from mitogenome studies of western Gulf of Mexico octocorals Erin Easton, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
  • Video | Slides April 23, 2020Quantifying the overlap of trawl fisheries with deep-sea corals and sponges in the Aleutians Islands, Alaska John Olson, NOAA Fisheries Alaska Regional Office
  • Video | Slides April 23, 2020Deep-sea data measurements and gaps identified by NOAA’s Office of Ocean Exploration and Research - Katharine Egan, NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research


  • Video | Slides December 1, 2016: U.S. Fisheries and Deep-Sea Coral Habitats: Policy, Science and Conservation - Tom Hourigan, NOAA Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program 
  • Video | Slides December 1, 2016: From population structure to eDNA: Next-generation sequencing technology opens a window into the biology of deep-sea corals - Meredith Everett, NOAA Northwest Fisheries Science Center
  • Video | Slides December 8, 2016: A Tale of Two Canyons: ROV Surveys Highlight Differences in Species Composition and Abundances of Deep-Sea Corals off New EnglandMartha Nizinski, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service National Systematics Laboratory
  • Video | Slides December 8, 2016: Identifying spatially rare deep sea coral communities in the Gulf of MainePeter Auster, University of Connecticut and Mystic Aquarium
  • Video | Slides December 15, 2016: In-situ measurements of environmental variables at three Hawaiian deep sea coral bedsFrank Parrish, NOAA Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center
  • Video | Slides December 15, 2016: Applying deep-sea coral science to fishery management in New EnglandMichelle Bachman, New England Fishery Management Council
  • Video | Slides January 5, 2017: A systematic, regional approach to predictive modeling of habitat suitability for deep-sea corals in U.S. waters - Brian Kinlan, NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science, Biogeography Branch
  • Video | Slides January 5, 2017: Ongoing Efforts and Challenges for Managing Deep-sea Corals in the Gulf of Mexico - Morgan Kilgour, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council
  • Video | Slides January 12, 2017: Bio-regional-Scale Analysis of Deep-Sea Coral Assemblage Composition Using NOAA’s National Database of Deep-Sea Corals and Sponges - Robert McGuinn, NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
  • Video | Slides January 12, 2017: Collaborative Development of Deep-Sea Coral Protected Areas in the US Mid-Atlantic - Kiley Dancy, Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  • Slides January 19, 2017: Where are the coral gardens? Mapping densities and condition of gorgonian octocorals in the mesophotic depth zone of the Channel Islands National Marine SanctuaryPeter Etnoyer, NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
  • Video | Slides January 19, 2017: Effects of oil and dispersants on Swiftia exserta, a structure-forming deep-water octocoral from mesophotic reefs in the Gulf of MexicoJanessy Frometa, NOAA National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
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