Citation: Partyka, M.L., S.W. Ross, A.M. Quattrini, G.R. Sedberry, T.W. Birdsong, J. Potter, S. Gottfried. 2007. Southeastern United States Deep-Sea Corals (SEADESC) Initiative: A Collaborative Effort to Characterize Areas of Habitat-Forming Deep-Sea Corals. NOAA Technical Memorandum OAR OER 1. Silver Spring, MD. 176 pp

Abstract: A collaborative effort to take a subset of information across a variety of NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration-funded cruises in the South Atlantic Bight using the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute's Johnson Sea-Link submersible between 2002 and 2005 to characterize areas of habitat-forming, deep-sea corals in the South Atlantic Bight. This publication includes site characterization and dive summary reports for:

  • Cape Lookout A
  • Cape Lookout B
  • Cape Fear Lophelia Bank
  • Stetson Banks
  • Savannah Banks East
  • Savannah Banks West
  • Charleston Bump  
  • Jacksonville
  • Cape Canaveral North
  • Cape Canaveral South
  • Technical Report
Type: Partner Supported Date: 2007
  • South Atlantic Council
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