Citation: Andrews, A. H., C. C. Lundstrom, G. M. Cailliet, and A. P. DeVogelaere. 2007. Investigations of bamboo coral age and growth from Davidson Seamount. A technical report to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories. 34pp.

Abstract: Estimates of age and growth for bamboo coral (Keratoisis spp.) have been difficult to determine and only a few of these estimates had an actual temporal context. In this study, two bamboo coral colonies were collected from Davidson Seamount and analyzed for age and growth using lead-210 dating. The findings from both colonies converged on a radial growth rate of approximately 0.055 mm/yr. The calculated age of each colony was 89 years (range of 74-106 years) for a colony that stood 70 cm tall, and 145 years (upper limit of 450 years) for a large colony with irregular shape and height. Linear extension rates for each colony varied considerably with a range of 0.093 to 1.0 cm/year between the two colonies, which may indicate that linear growth rates are unreliable as an indicator of colony age.

  • Technical Report
Type: Partner Supported Date: 2007
  • Pacific Council
  • Davidson Seamount
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