This report presents results of data collection efforts undertaken on the Holiday Chouest Cruise (HC3), a cruise undertaken from October 2nd through October 25th, 2011, as part of the Natural Resource Damage Assessment of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. The cruise was conducted pursuant to the cooperative work plan entitled “Deepwater ROV Sampling to Assess Potential Impacts to Hardbottom Coral Communities and Associates from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill”.1 Information presented herein is considered supplementary to data and information presented in the preliminary cruise report and does not repeat all of the information contained in that previous report.

The remainder of the report is organized as follows:

  • Chapter 2: Description of Sites and Coral Communities Visited and Imagery

    Collection Summaries, presents a narrative of assessment activities conducted on board the HC3, makes notes of any observed abnormalities, and presents data on the number of images collected at each sampling site.

  • Chapter 3: Coral and Coral Associate Species Identification, presents the results of coral and coral associate identification efforts.

  • Chapter 4: Time Lapse Camera Recoveries and Deployments, discusses the deployment and retrieval of the time-lapse camera system used on the HC3, as well as a summary of observations from, and transient fauna visible in, images using that system.

  • Chapter 5: Meiofauna and Macrofauna, presents the results of infauna enumeration and identification in sediment cores collected on the HC3 cruise.

  • Appendix A presents a data summary of the coral associates imaged at 10 sites visited on the HC3 cruise.

  • Appendix B presents the results of coral species identification efforts using genetic techniques.

  • Appendix C presents the results of coral associate identification efforts using genetic techniques.

  • Appendix D presents the technical details related to the deployment of the time-lapse camera.

  • Appendix E presents the results of observations of coral associates from time-lapse camera images.

  • Appendix F presents the results of mobile fauna observations from time- lapse camera images.

  • Technical Report
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