NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada, Research Cruise SH-19-07

Cruise Summary: The goal of the 7 day mission aboard NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada (Shimada) was to survey priority seafloor locations within and adjacent to Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS; Figure 1). Specific research objectives included: (1) conducting standardized quantitative visual transects of various seafloor habitat types in and around the Olympic 2 Essential Fish Habitat (EFH) Area using remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Beagle, an undersea robot owned and operated by Marine Applied Research and Exploration (MARE), (2) conducting CTD casts and plankton surface trawls using bongo nets in areas adjacent to four OCNMS long-term oceanographic moorings, and (3) recovering and re-deploying an acoustic mooring (Noise Reference Station 03, or NRS03) just outside OCNMS in 950m of water depth in lower Juan de Fuca Canyon. Each of these objectives were completed in full, with the exception of two OCNMS mooring sites that were originally targeted for nighttime CTD casts and bongo tows; due to poor weather conditions, CTDs and plankton sampling at Makah Bay and Teahwhit Head were not completed. The ROV conducted visual surveys over two different major seafloor features of interest, both of which lie mostly inside Olympic 2 EFH.

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Type: DSCRTP Supported Date: 2019
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