Authors: Kaitlin Graiff, Dale Roberts, Dan Howard, Peter Etnoyer, Guy Cochrane, Jeff Hyland, Jan Roletto.

Abstract: This report provides summary results from leg 2 (Central California) of the 2010 effort in which a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) was deployed from the NOAA ship McArthur II to survey potential DSC habitat. The specific objectives of our research during Leg 2 were to: 1. Survey and characterize the distribution, abundance, and condition of DSC communities in and adjacent to Cordell Bank (CBNMS) and Gulf of the Farallones (GFNMS) National Marine Sanctuaries; 2. Quantify fish and invertebrate associations with DSC to help understand the value of DSC as habitat; 3. Collect limited DSC specimens to confirm taxonomic identification; 4. Make visual observations of sea floor substratum to refine habitat classifications derived from multibeam sonar data.

  • Technical Report
Type: DSCRTP Supported Date: 2011
  • Pacific Council
  • Cordell Bank