Rooper, C., R. Stone, P. Etnoyer, C. Conrath, J. Reynolds, H.G. Greene, B. Williams, E. Salgado, C. Morrison, R. Waller, and A. Demopoulos. 2017. Deep-Sea Coral Research and
Technology Program: Alaska Deep-Sea Coral and Sponge Initiative Final Report. NOAA Tech. Memo. NMFS-OHC-2, 65 p.



This report presents the results of 15 projects conducted using NOAA’s Deep Sea Coral Research and Technology Program funds from 2012-2015. Three of the projects conducted as part of the Alaska deep-sea coral and sponge initiative included dedicated at-sea cruises and fieldwork spread across multiple years. These projects were the eastern Gulf of Alaska Primnoa pacifica study, the Aleutian Islands mapping study, and the Gulf of Alaska fish productivity study. In all, there were nine separate research cruises carried out with a total of 109 at-sea days conducting research. The remaining projects either used data and samples collected by the three major fieldwork projects or were piggy-backed onto existing research programs at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center.

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