Since NOAA published the 2007 State of Deep Coral Ecosystems of the United States report, many deep-sea coral research and management efforts have taken place. This publication presents these exciting advances. Like the 2007 report, we have regional chapters describing the distribution and ecology of the deep-sea coral ecosystems, with a focus on new information since 2007. In addition, the scope has been broadened to include deep-sea sponge ecosystems. These regional chapters are interspersed with spotlight chapters that explore a number of cross-cutting topics in deep-sea coral and sponge research. The prepublication editions of most chapters are available at the links below. Please come back later as the final chapters are added in the coming months, along with deep-sea coral species list to describe those known to occur in each U.S. region.


The State of Deep-Sea Coral and Sponge Ecosystems of the United States -- Thomas F. Hourigan, Peter J. Etnoyer, Stephen D. Cairns, Eds.

Citation: Hourigan TF, Etnoyer PJ, Cairns SD (2017). The State of Deep‐Sea Coral and Sponge Ecosystems of the United States. NOAA Technical Memorandum NMFS‐OHC‐4. Silver Spring, MD. 467 p.

Complete report now available here!

Regional update and new spotlight chapters, available individually:

Regional Deep-sea Coral Species Lists:

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