In 2017, two expeditions aboard R/V Manta were conducted to the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico. The objectives of these expeditions were to conduct remotely operated vehicle (ROV) surveys at multiple banks in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico currently being considered for expansion of the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary (FGBNMS) under alternative 3. These banks included Sonnier, Alderdice, McGrail, Elvers, MacNeil, Parker, Bright, and 28 Fathom Bank (Figure 1). Specifically, these expeditions sought to:

(1) Capture video and imagery of sites of interest;
(2) Explore unknown sites;
(3) Conduct transect surveys according to DSCRTP protocols and;
(4) Collect biological specimens of mesophotic corals, sponges, and associated taxa.

  • Technical Report
Type: DSCRTP Supported Date: 2017

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  • Gulf of Mexico Council
  • Flower Garden Banks
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