Project Title: NOAA Ship Pisces expedition to Southeast MPAs
Project Summary

PC-1802: May 12-24, 2018  Chief Scientists: John Reed and Stacey Harter 

The goal of the cruise is to gather additional data on habitat and fish assemblages in six of the South Atlantic marine protected areas (MPAs) and Oculina Experimental Closed Area (OECA) as part of a long term sampling program to document changes in these areas before and after fishing restrictions are implemented.  The scientists will conduct ROV and multibeam sonar surveys inside and outside six MPAs as well as inside and outside the OECA in the south Atlantic to assess the efficacy of this management tool to protect species of the snapper grouper complex and Oculina coral.  The southernmost boundary of the work areas will be Port Canaveral, FL while the northern-most boundary will be Cape Hatteras, NC. 

Anticipated Management Application(s)

Efficacy testing of this management tool will aid fishery managers in future use of area restrictions for the protection of valuable habitat and fishery resources.  

  • Southeast U.S.
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Project Title: NOAA Ship Pisces expedition to Southeast MPAs
  • Daytime Operation: Conduct ROV transect surveys of habitat and fish assemblages and collections of corals and sponges during daylight hours.
  • Daytime Operation: Conduct total water column CTD profiles
  • Night Operation: Conduct multibeam mapping to find areas to dive on with the ROV the following day. 
  • Night Operation: Conduct XBT casts to collect sound velocity data for the mapping.
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Project Title: NOAA Ship Pisces expedition to Southeast MPAs
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