DSCRTP Programmatic Review Regional Webinars

Below is a list of webinars presented by researchers and resource managers from each regional fieldwork initiative that has been supported by the Deep Sea Coral Research & Technology Program. This set of webinars was conducted in preparation for the DSCRTP program review to be held on March 28-30, 2017. Each video link below contains a regional research initiative presentation of approximately 30 min., followed by a 30-60 min. group discussion on presentation topics and the regional management implications of research conducted on deep-sea coral and sponge communities.
DSCRTP Regional Webinar Series Introduction January 27, 2017 LINK LINK
Pacific Islands Region January 27, 2017 LINK LINK
West Coast Region February 15, 2017 LINK LINK
Southeast Region February 17, 2017 LINK LINK
Alaska Region February 21, 2017 LINK LINK
Northeast Region February 23, 2017 LINK LINK